Over the Limit

On Monday, seven more students turned in their forms and I closed the club with 23 students (13 boys, 10 girls). I wonder how the management of a group that large in the computer lab will work?  I may need to seek more assistance, but I know these kids and I know which ones will be quick learners and which will struggle.  I have some parent volunteers, a colleague who is interested in learning Scratch and made email contact with the high school computer club student president.

A few more forms came in on Tuesday and now I had to let those students know that the Code Club was full for this first round and I’d let them have the first slots for the second ten weeks.

So I solidified an outline of the course and wrote up letters of welcome or sorry, class is full.  I sent those home on Wednesday.

Here’s a weekly outline of what I have planned, which I included in my welcome letter with the actual dates:

Rough outline of the plan for the 10 weeks of Code Club

Rough outline for 10 weeks of Code Club

I’ve been going over project materials from Code Club World and trying to conceptualize what each week will look like.  I have an idea of what it all is going to look like and of the goals I want to accomplish.  Reality may prove to be something else.


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